Helix Apps

Home of fantastic apps for Apple Watch including Heart Analyzer and Fitness Friend! Hopefully you’re here to find out more about these apps or get support and provide feedback on your experience.

I have now been developing apps for iOS and WatchOS for nearly three years. I’m delighted to have two, free to download, apps on the Apple App Store which thousands of people download every month. In the future I hope continue improving and developing these apps. The are both written in Swift 4 with a good code base for future additions and expansion of features.

Please do get in touch with me if you have any particular feedback you’d like to share on the current apps or if you have ideas/wishes for the future.



5 thoughts on “Helix Apps”

  1. Hello Simon,

    Firstly, a great app to pull all activity and heart rate data into one dashboard !

    One other feature that will be a great motivator is to include the Monthly challenges from Apple. Since most/if not all, users of the Fitness Friend app will have the Apple Watch and so overlaying the challenge on top of the dashboard will be awesome !

    Once again, kudos to you…and I have already shared this app with my friends to download.


  2. Another feature could be to overlay Blood sugar readings from a partner app… this will make your app even better !



    1. Hi Ram.
      Blood sugar(Glucose) readings integrated into Heart Analyzer would be awesome, especially seeings its affect on a users heart rate. However, there are currently no sensors available that measure this metric regularly. If that changes, I will make sure that Heart Analyzer is there!


  3. Hi Simon, thank you for development and providing your app for free. Since latest update I like it even more. I would appreciate if there would be a feasibility to edit or rename the activity. Best regards, Jürgen from Germany


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