The Version 6 Retrospective

Just last week, we released Heart Analyzer V6.6 With the exception of the minor patch of V6.6.1 😁 This is the last planned update for Heart Analyzer V6.

It has been an absolutely fantastic run for the app. In this time we have had over 80,000 downloads of the app which has resulted in an average of three times as many daily uses of the app. We are thrilled with these numbers and look forward to continuing this trend over the next year.

Development of version 7 has already started. We are targeting a September release similar to last year. However, this year we plan to run a public beta test from late July. If you are interested in getting involved, please email us via with the subject Heart Analyzer Beta Tester Request.

Whilst we have no announcement currently for the planned new features, it is a good point to mention something about purchases. I’m delighted to say that Heart Analyzer V7 will have no new in app purchases! The update will be completely free to all users. We also aim to keep the great free tier of the app available where you can still get large functionality with no adverts, no third party analytics, ever.

If you are enjoying the app and want to contribute in other ways, you can! We’d love to hear your feedback via the above email address. Things that could be improved, features that would be useful are all worth mentioning. Separately, you can always review us on the App Store. This makes a massive difference and helps us spread the word about the app.

Thanks for reading and all the best




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