Heart Analyzer V7 Now Available (August 2019)

Today, after years of customer feedback, many months of development and weeks of Beta Testing, we are releasing Heart Analyzer V7. I would be delighted if you’d consider checking the app out and potentially writing about it at MacWorld!

The app is now available to download here.

What’s new:

New in version 7, the app can now produce monthly PDF reports on a users heart rate data. This regular metric, that the user can export, is inspired by the current Apple Watch ECG reports that can be exported in the Health App. We really hope our users love these and go back to the app on the first of every month to view the new report!

Alongside this, there’s a new Heart Home in the app where users can get more personalised metrics. Details such as maximum and minimum heart rates, Cardiac exercise levels and VO2Max let the users understand their readings and fitness based on their age and biological sex.

The app has also been significantly updated to provide a more simple user interface and experience when ever possible, whilst also maintaining and often increasing detail! This feat is achieved through new card interfaces and natural gestures. We hope this will allow Heart Analyzer to be useful to users of any level, be it new to their heart rate data, or an avid user who checks it daily to see their trends!


We really hope you enjoy this fantastic release. As always, please get in touch if you have feedback and consider leaving us a review to spread the word!

Thanks, Simon

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