Heart Analyzer V7.2 Beta Now Available! (November 2019)

Today we are delighted to launch a public beta for the brand new Heart Analyzer Apple Watch app. We released version 7 of Heart Analyzer earlier this year and at that time, we signalled that a brand new Watch App was on the horizon. We’re so excited that it’s finally here!

The biggest question that I’m sure you’re all desperate to know is, what’s changed? What’s new? What’s better? Well technically the answer to that is everything. The app has been re-written from scratch making use of brand new technologies in WatchOS 6 including SwiftUI. SwiftUI has allowed us to make more fluid, intuitive and interactive interfaces. We hope you’ll find this new app easy to navigate and quicker to get you to the information you’re after. You’ll also find more detail than ever on your heart rate data. The list of changes is near endless and I could write for pages here about all that’s changed and how its better, but I won’t. Instead, please just see the release notes below and get cracking with the app!

It’s worth mentioning a key detail for our users who aren’t on the latest WatchOS 6. We are delighted to announce that we have been able to maintain both apps in Heart Analyzer package. This means that users with an older Apple Watch or who have not done a software update, will still be able to access the original Heart Analyzer Watch app with a hand full of new fixes.

We are of course after feedback and welcome any requests or suggestions at this stage. Whilst they may not make the initial release, we are continuing to develop Heart Analyzer on iPhone and Apple Watch.

All the best





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