New Year Developments (January 2020)

Heart Analyzer really had a fantastic 2019. There’s no better way to sum it up than that. I’d like to take the opportunity to again thank all those who have downloaded the app, emailed in feedback and supported us with the in app purchases.

We’ve now reached the end of our development board for Heart Analyzer Version 7. It has brought to the app features such as the new Heart Home, Heart Reports, a brand new Apple Watch app and support for more metric types to name a few. Today we’re rolling out a bug fix update and we will continue to support the app in the time going forward. But we are now focusing on something new.


At its core, Heart Analyzer has always been about providing clear, intuitive and pleasing visuals of the users heart rate data. Across the board we believe it has achieved this goal whilst giving users insight into data they didn’t even know was recorded! However, we’re always looking for ways to raise the bar on these three things as well as making the app more accessible for our users. After some careful thought on how we could meet this, as well as gathering feedback from our users, a journey has now started towards re-designing Heart Analyzer’s user interface.

This will be a total overhaul for the iPhone app.

This will raise the bar on the apps core goals of delivering clear, intuitive and pleasing visuals of your heart rate data.

This will maintain all the app principals such as on device processing, no 3rd party analytics, no subscriptions. Our premium features will be developed, but previous purchases will, of course, be valid.

This journey will take some time. Yes, yes, how long you ask? W’d like to be out there beta testing in the Spring, and we are aiming for a release late Spring / early Summer.


We hope you’ll really love what we’re developing. Stay tuned for the January PT.2 Technicals blog to get more details on how the app is really changing behind the scenes. For now, all that remains is to leave you with some renders of our new Dashboard. Any feedback on this would be welcome, you can email any time via

All the best



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