Fitness Friend

Fitness Friend is the ultimate tool to let you view graphs and metrics for your health data.


• View daily, weekly or monthly summaries of your Health & Fitness data

• Graph multiple types of data, compare two graphs side by side

• Filter through various data types and customize your favourites 

• Get summaries of what Health values are available on your iPhone with suggestions for accessing more

• Ultimate privacy with a purely anonymous, offline app

• Written from scratch in Swift 4 with advanced sampling routines for maximum performance

• Apple Watch app with the days data and a customisable complication!


Privacy Policy

Fitness Friend is designed around privacy. All data collected by the app remains within the app at all times. All data is removed when the app is uninstalled. The app never uses the Internet for anything including data transfers. No Information is collected about any individual users. No information about you or any app users is shared with others. Please contact me through this page with any questions or concerns about anything app related including privacy.