Heart Analyzer – Version 7 Out Now

Heart Analyzer offers insight into your heart rate data. Designed for iOS and Apple Watch, this app produces amazing graphs, metrics and reports on data that most users don’t even know is there! By leveraging the full power of Apple Watch and all the data it measures to the Health App, Heart Analyzer can help the user understand and visualise their data.

It doesn’t just stop with heart rate. The app also supports VO2Max, Heart Rate Variability, Workouts, Heart Rate Recovery and so much more. With a fantastic App for Apple Watch including features like LiveHR, full heart rate graph complications, and workouts on the watch!

As always, Heart Analyzer has been designed with privacy at its core. It is an offline app, meaning it never transmits and data from the users iPhone. There are no third party analytics and no ads whatsoever.

Heart Analyzer has been around for nearly four years on the App Store, but this is by far its biggest and most exciting update yet!

Heart Analyzer on the Apple App Store

Privacy Policy:

Heart Analyzer is designed around privacy. All data collected by the app remains within the app at all times. All data is removed when the app is uninstalled. The app never uses the Internet for anything including data transfers. No Information is collected about any individual users. No information about you or any app users is shared with others. Please contact me through this page with any questions or concerns about anything app related including privacy.